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The Print Management Program strategy will drive significant long-term, sustainable cost savings through a two-phased approach that gives agencies the flexibly to use the program in a variety of ways to meet their unique print needsThe first phase began with the establishment of BPAs, under GSA’s Schedule 36, Office Imaging and Document Solutions.  BPAs are established for a period of no more than five years. These BPAs currently cover four functional areas: 

Fleet Assessment (Functional Area 1): Provides agencies vendor-neutral and operationally objective assessment and analysis services. The fleet assessment services should be used by the ordering activity to identify all technical, operational and financial aspects of an agency’s existing fleet environments and print management needs. Solutions cover a wide range of assessment and analysis activities, including:

  • Historical analysis of fleet costs (hardware, software, network capabilities, imaging output, imaging costs)
  • Establishment of cost baselines
  • On-going data collection and analysis
  • Recommendations for asset rationalization and re-deployment
  • Recommendations for optimization
  • Functional device recommendations based on work flow and business needs
  • Recommendations for improving workflow, security, and energy efficiency

Device Plus and Customizable Solutions (Functional Area 2): Device Plus provides multi-functional devices (MFDs) or single-function network printers, consumables (excluding paper), maintenance and repairs, and reporting. This solution requires vendors to collect and report detailed usage data. Under the Device Plus CLIN 4 is the Driving Environmental Sustainability Offering, which includes devices that meet federal government requirements for technical specifications.

Customizable Solutions includes variables that can be custom-tailored in a task order including the device, as well as any additional services such as maintenance and repair or consumables. For an agency’s unique situation when they need to acquire devices ONLY. The disadvantage of this solution is that agencies will not be able to capture total cost of ownership and may be required to report TCO separately. Any orders under Customizable Solutions will require notification of the BPA Contracting Officer. 

Click here to download the final RFQ document for additional details


If you are with a participating agency, you first will need to compete a task order against the BPA holders.   To help you, GSA has provided an ordering guide,  sample task order templates for both functional areas and an Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) calculator

To issue a BPA task order for Functional Area I (Fleet Assessment)

Refer to the Functional Area Overview document for details on the available fleet assessment services and how to use them to best meet your needs.

Step 1: Identify your agency’s/office’s procuring contracting officer

Step 2: Develop a Statement of Work (SOW) with requirements and scope of services

Step 3: Issue an RFQ in e-Buy

Step 4: Conduct evaluations which include a price analysis

Step 5: Report award to the FSSI Print Management PMO within 10 business days (

Step 6: Perform contract administration and quality assurance activities

Step 7: Provide information for agency reporting

Ordering Activities for Functional Area II (Device Plus)

Refer to the Functional Area Overview document for more detailed information on available procurement methods under this functional area and how to use them to best meet your needs.

Step 1: Review data from fleet assessment legacy devices to determine actual output requirements

Step 2: Determine if changes in businesses processes will drive an increase or decrease in output volume for procured period of performance

Step 3: Develop a SOW, SOO, PWS, etc. and RFQ that specifically identifies the appropriate volume band and salient characteristics for each requirement and establish evaluation criteria

Step 4: Follow ordering instructions outlined in the Ordering Guide found on this page

Step 5: Conduct evaluations and complete price analysis

Step 6: Report award to the FSSI Print Management PMO within 10 business days (

Step 7: Enter Order into FPDS: The FSSI Print Management BPAs are part of the FPDS record as BPAs. Select "Create a BPA Call" when inputting the record into FPDS and choose the BPA number as the primary contract number

Step 8: Perform contract administration and quality assurance activities 

For a Customizable Solution

For those agencies requiring a device only solution, please contact Ryan Schrank in the GSA Print Managmenet Program Management Office, at (215) 446-4893 or

If you are an agency interested in learning more about the program, or you are needing guidance with the BPAs or identifying your baseline costs, call toll-free  800-488-3111  (Option #3)  or send an email to


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