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Prices Paid Tool

Welcome to the Prices Paid Tool!

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The Prices Paid Tool is our effort to provide greater visibility on the prices paid by government agencies for commonly purchased goods and services and related purchasing behaviors to the acquisition community, in order to support efforts to reduce total cost of ownership for these goods and services. The Tool is currently in the proof of concept stage, focusing on Office Supplies, Domestic Delivery Services, and FAS Alliant and Alliant SB GWAC. Other goods and services will follow after this pilot period. We encourage you to explore the Tool and welcome your input for future improvements. Please e-mail your feedback to Casey Burns at

The Prices Paid Tool is intended to give you, the people who buy and manage goods and services for the government, a straightforward means to identify potential cost savings within your agency. By making the prices paid by other agencies available to government purchasers, we can help ensure your agency is using its purchasing power to access the best prices possible. Price is an important element of total cost but, equally if not more important, so is what we buy, how we buy it, and how we use it. The choices we make as agencies and individuals affect the total cost of the items we buy. To give a fuller picture of the total cost for goods and services, this tool also provides insight into the behaviors that drive total cost.

It is our hope that increasing transparency on the prices paid for comparable goods and services will allow acquisition professionals to perform more accurate market research, improve ability to negotiate prices, and track and change behaviors that drive the total costs of items we use to do our jobs. Spending less for goods and services means more resources can be dedicated your agency’s mission.

Thank you for using the Prices Paid Tool!

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