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PrintWise is a government-wide awareness campaign designed to help federal employees print less and make cost-cutting print decisions across the U.S. government through simple behavior changes.  PrintWise will:

  • Build government-wide acceptance and support
  • Help participating agencies implement improved printing behaviors
  • Showcase successful cost-cutting print behaviors within the federal community
  • Create awareness about the impact that changing the government’s printing behavior has on the bottom line

GSA has developed this site to share information with federal policy-makers and employees on both organizational and individual behavior changes that lead to cost savings. The PrintWise campaign can be implemented in all programs, and within all agencies. The seven steps below demonstrate how agencies can realize cost-savings within the first 90 days of implementing the PrintWise campaign.

Seven Steps to Lowering Print Costs within 90 Days

  1. Print on both sides of the paper: Set non-production level equipment defaults to duplex (double-sided) printing and encourage employees to adjust their application print settings (default on all jobs or per-print) when feasible 
  2. Print in black and white: Set non-production level equipment defaults to monochromatic/black-and-white printing and encourage employees to adjust their application print settings (default on all jobs or per-print) when feasible
  3. Print at draft quality: Set non-production level equipment defaults to draft quality (rather than high quality) printing and/or encourage employees to adjust their application print settings (default on all jobs or per-print) when feasible
  4. Improve your use of sleep mode: Change device settings that impact the timing of sleep mode initiation during workday hours, and power-down at the end of the working day and on weekends
  5. Use more toner-efficient fonts: Set default font in main word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Office) on individual computers to one of the approved toner-efficient fonts (Times New Roman, Garamond, Century Gothic) at 11-point size
  6. Remove personal desktop printers: Remove personal desktop printers and decrease the employee-to-device ratio of workgroup printers to 14:1 
  7. Freeze purchases of personal desktop printers: In concert with removing existing personal printers, agencies should develop official policy to freeze the purchase of new personal printers

PrintWise is structured around a prescribed change management model, reflecting concepts featured in “Guiding Principles for Leading Change,” authored by renowned change management expert, John Kotter. This holistic approach is intended to ease with the transition among participating agencies and suggest how to implement the change within their own organization. A campaign toolkit has also been developed for agencies to use for their own agency campaign.

Data management will be a huge component in determining the success of an agency’s PrintWise initiative. Completing an initial assessment of the agency’s printer fleet, current printing behaviors, and device usage will help identify existing policies that will be affected by PrintWise and which may need to change. Assessment will also assist when it comes time to demonstrate the dollars saved and the ultimate success of the campaign. To help with this process, GSA has developed an online savings dashboard that can be used by enterprise agencies.  Contact to learn more.  

Join PrintWise

Any agency can join the PrintWise effort at any time. Below are some initial steps to consider to start the planning process. Be and early adopter.

  1. Appoint a Print Management Champion. This person will manage internal PrintWise efforts, serve as the agency point-of-contract and will work with GSA to develop your program
  2. Have the agency's Deputy Secretary sign an informal letter of participation. (A draft of this letter can be obtained by contacting us at
  3. Invite GSA to virtually present to senior leaders an agency-specific discussion on print management
  4. Set up agency PrintWise goals (e.g. one printer for no more than every 15 people by 2014) and develop a launch, roll-out and long-term program timeline
  5. Develop implementation teams that cross functional areas and involve leadership that can direct and change related agency policy
  6. Determine the agency’s level of commitment to data collection and printer fleet management
  7. Coordinate data gathering and reporting related to print within the agency and submit results to GSA on a quarterly basis
  8. Put PrintWise into action. Examine existing agency culture, set the level of adoption and establish a phased implementation plan
  9. Set global policy that supports the PrintWise “Seven Steps” (e.g. default all printing jobs to print duplex on every networked device)
  10. Communicate with branch offices and employees. Then communicate with them even more
  11. Promote successes. Share cost savings and improvements in agency communications and work with GSA to promote these agency milestones on and through joint media outreach.

For additional information about PrintWise, call toll free  800-488-3111 (Option #3) or email us at

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